• I am at early stage in college and have an idea can I participate in the biz plan competition? +

    Yes, we also would like you to finish your college education and obtain your degree, what we recommend in case
  • I live abroad can I participate to the Algerian biz plan competition? +

    Your business plan is welcome in case of selection you will need to have your business partner or co-founder living
  • Who can participate in the business plan competition? +

    Please refer to the competition rules in www.algerianstartupinitiative.com under the competition section.
  • I have sent my business plan do I get a confirmation? +

    Yes an email acknowledgement will be sent, in case of issues please email info@algerianstartupinitiative.com.
  • I have an idea and would like to submit a business plan what should I do? +

    www.algerianstartupinitiative.com has a competition section where detailed info could be found.
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